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Ferrari California Turbo 2014 Parts & Schematics

Inevitably the onset of ever more stringent emissions requirements meant that turbo-charging smaller engines would result in greater efficiency, hence the launch in 2014 of the Ferrari California T - the T standing for Turbo.

Featuring a new 3.8 litre V8 twin turbo the new engine produced 553 bhp and a significant 557 lb/ft of torque resulting in stronger in-ger performance and perhaps more importantly a reduction in emissions of 15% comapred to the previous naturally aspirated model. This was also the first Ferrari roadcar to feature Apple Carplay functionality into it's infotainement system and also was produced through the Tailor Made program in a number of distinctive liveries.

GTO Parts sell a range of Ferrari California T parts - look at the 95 Ferrari California Turbo parts diagrams below and contact us if the parts you require for this model are not shown in stock.

Ferrari California Turbo Parts

Please note this is just a selection of Ferrari parts we have for this model.

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California Turbo Schematics

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