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Ferrari Testarossa 1984 Parts & Schematics

The Ferrari Testarossa heralded the introduction of a flagship flat 12 engined model which will be forever synonymous with the side strakes which boldly projected Ferrari's new design language which was a major departure from the past models.

The car addressed the critiscisms of the Boxer cabin heat with the fitment of twin side radiators replacing the front radiator and heat generating plumbing from the cabin and of course resulting in the strakes on the ide of the car. The styling also resulted in a wider rear footprint on the car with commensurate handling benefits and although the styling was divisive, the car was a major commercial success for Ferrari. Never used in competition, the car was nonetheless an effective road car and became a design icon of the 1980's. The flat 12 engine produced 390 BHP on launch and was officially sold by Ferrari into the US where it became a best seller.

GTO Parts sell a range of Ferrari Testarossa parts for 1984 to 1987 models - look at the 77 Ferrari Testarossa parts diagrams below and contact us if the parts you require for this model are not shown in stock.

Ferrari Testarossa 1987 Parts

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Testarossa 1987 Schematics

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