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Ferrari 208 GTB 1980 Parts & Schematics

The Ferrari 208 GTB was produced from 1980 to 1982. It was a variant of the Ferrari 308 GTB, which was introduced in 1975, fitted with smaller bore version of the 3 litre V8 fitted in the 308 GTB.

160 examples of the 208 GTB were built compared to 140 examples of the 208 GTS. Production was discontinued to introduce the more powerful turbocharged version. 208 GTB chassis numbers ranged from 31219 to 41329.

GTO Parts sell a range of Classic Ferrari 208 GTB parts - look at the 59 Ferrari 208 GTB parts diagrams below and contact us if the parts you require for this model are not shown in stock. 

Ferrari 208 GTB Parts

Please note this is just a selection of Ferrari parts we have for this model.

Either CLICK HERE for a full range of Ferrari 208 GTB parts we have in stock OR use the schematics below to help you identify the parts you require.

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208 GTB Schematics

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