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Ferrari 512 BB History, Specifications and Spares | GTO Classic Ferrari Parts

Ferrari 512 BB

The 512 BB was announced at the 1976 Paris Motor Show. The 512 BB continued in production until 1981 when it was replaced by the 512 BBi, when fuel injection replaced the carburettors. A total of 929 examples were produced during this period and only 101 in right hand drive and no USA market versions were ever made.

512 BB at GTO House
512 BB at GTO House

The new model name continued the theme started with the Dino series, of referring to the total engine capacity and number of cylinders, hence a 5 litre engine with 12 cylinders. The “BB” part of the model title means “Berlinetta Boxer”, a reference to the two banks of six cylinders that are in a horizontally opposed layout.

512 BB Interior
512 BB Interior

The standard road wheels are alloy five spoke “star” pattern, with a knock off spinner on a Rudge hub, although legislative requirements in some markets dictated the fitment of a large octagonal hub nut. The wheels cover large ventilated disc brakes with twin hydraulic circuits, and servo assistance. Independent suspension is provided all round, via wishbones, coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers, with twin rear units, together with front and rear anti roll bars.

512 BB Engine Bay
512 BB Engine Bay

Our experienced Ferrari-trained technicians in both the UK and the US service many 512 BB's in our dedicated workshops, ranging from minor mechanical repair work to major overhauls.


Type: rear, longitudinal flat-12
Bore and Stroke: 82 x 78mm
Total Displacement: 4,943cc
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Maximum Power: 355bhp at 6,800rpm

Chassis and Suspension

Frame: tubular steel
Front Suspension: independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Rear Suspension: independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, twin telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar
Brakes: discs
Gearbox: 5 speed + reverse
Front Tyres: 215/70 VR 15
Rear Tyres: 215/70 VR 15
Fuel Tank: 120 litres – 26.4 gallons

Dimensions and Weight

Type: berlinetta
Wheelbase: 2,500mm
Front Track: 1,500mm
Rear Track: 1,563mm
Dry Weight: 1,400kg


Maximum Speed: 187 mph - 302 km/h