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Ferrari 355 Challenge 1995 Parts & Schematics

Although earlier Ferrari 355 Challenge cars were essentially road cars leaving the factory with a kit of parts to fit by the supplying dealer - later versions became progressively delivered as racing cars from the factory.

108 cars in total were produced - 28 RHD cars and 80 LHD cars. There are unsubstantiated claims of 300 GTB's converted to Challenge spec

We have run these cars on track for customers as well as undertaken rebuild and routine maintenance and know the cars well.

GTO Parts sell a range of Ferrari 355 Challenge parts - look at the 18 Ferrari 355 Challenge parts diagrams below and contact us if the parts you require for this model are not shown in stock.

Ferrari 355 Challenge 1999 Parts

Please note this is just a selection of Ferrari parts we have for this model.

Either CLICK HERE for a full range of Ferrari 355 Challenge 1999 parts we have in stock OR use the schematics below to help you identify the parts you require.

If you need help with your parts enquiry please contact us

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355 Challenge 1999 Schematics

Click on a Schematic to view the Items & Parts to Enquire about.

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