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Ferrari 348 Challenge 1993 Parts & Schematics

The Ferrari 348 Challenge in effect launched the Ferrari Challenge in 1993. The racecar was very closely based directly from the Ferrari 348 TB, with minor engine, exhaust and brake changes.

The 348 Challenge car had an extra 20 BHP bring power up to 320 BHP, a less restrictive exhuast system, slicks, stronger brakes and dynamic air intakes.had a more powerful 320 hp engine (+20 hp), a different exhaust system, slick tyres, modified brakes and specific dynamic air intakes in addition to safety kit such as a cage, harness, electrical cut out and fire extinguisher. 

GTO Parts sell a range of Ferrari 348 Challenge parts - look at the 10 Ferrari 348 Challenge parts diagrams below and contact us if the parts you require for this model are not shown in stock.

Ferrari 348 Challenge Parts

Please note this is just a selection of Ferrari parts we have for this model.

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348 Challenge Schematics

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